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Voice and Internet

Internet Fiber high definition hosted voice and data services over a dedicated secure all fiber network by leading edge providers.

Unified Communications

Internet Fiber Unified communications as a service integrates voice, messaging, and collaboration functions for a complete solution.

Cloud Services

Internet Fiber has the best cloud services for SMBs, project management (PM), accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and data backup.

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Internet Fiber Average Customer Savings

VoIP Savings


  • Based On 30 Users
  • $25/line Savings
  • 30% Productivity Boost
  • Less Carbon Pollution

UCaaS Savings


  • Based on 100 Employees
  • 20% Productivity Boost
  • Flexibility
  • Improved Collaboration

UC Time Savings

43 Min.

  • 43-Min/Day Avg. User
  • 55-Min/Day Mobile User
  • 100 Employees
  • 49,660 Hours/Year Savings

SIP Trunking


  • 500 - 20,000 Employees
  • 80% Increased Security
  • 35% Productivity Boost
  • Improved Collaboration

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A Guide To The Best Fiber Internet Providers

The World Wide Web has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade or so and this has brought along vast opportunities to invest in various offers. Central to any offer for connection is the metrics about reliability as well as versatility. The details given here offer interesting glimpses as to what one should look for when opting for the best fiber internet providers in the field.

It is worth noting from the start that this form of solutions provide a level of versatility that cannot be matched by traditional formats. In essence this means that fiber cannot be matched in terms of performance by copper wires that were in vogue in the formative days of the web. They were extremely prone to electrical interference as well as attenuation, problems that now need not be a concern for you.

In your search for a worthy option, you will most likely meet a number of offerings branded as fast and efficient. However, unless you have absolute certainty that the provider can match your data communication needs, do not touch any of them. There are a number of factors which you need to weigh carefully before finally settling on the most opportune of them.

Only fiber-based networks have the capacity to deliver in terms of versatility as well as added performance. Typical upload as well as download speeds can match up to even the most demanding of needs whether you have a corporate application to run or one more customized for personal needs. You will also note that the provision is not characterized by times of peak performance and others when the connection is bad.

Fiber networks may come highly recommended but this does not excuse the fact that they have a comparably short reach. While all the major urban centers have good connections, this is not spread far enough in rural areas and some distant towns that are considerably removed from the backbone trunk. Here, residents have no option but to turn to alternatives like satellite or traditional cable connections.

The level of flexibility of solutions crafted on fiber-based networks is without a doubt massive. This means that an almost unlimited number of applications can be mounted on one integrated connection to serve an organization's entire communication needs. Apart from ordinary data transmissions, it is possible to deliver voice and video seamlessly. This means that organizations can even mount a video conferencing facility easily on the same connection

The service is also renowned for the robustness with which solutions can be offered. Even in high traffic, data can still be transmitted with good speeds irrespective of the load the provider is experiencing. Clients benefit just as much as the provider of the service in this regard.

The World Wide Web has a level of potential that a business organization can harness in making a superior offer far outstripping the competition. To make this a reality though, you need at first to identify which is the most ideal choice among the competing fiber internet providers.

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